I Am Sure


Concept Note-

“YES I AM SURE” draws its inspiration from a Dargah (mausoleum) near my hometown (Panipat), where a grille adorned with countless padlocks has become a symbol of hope. People from across the country travel here, firmly believing that locking a padlock while making a wish will bring it to fruition.

This intriguing tradition sparked a series of questions within me. What happens to the wishes once they’re granted? Are there locks that remain, carrying stories of fulfilled and unfulfilled desires? Who were the individuals who fixed these padlocks, and where are they now? These locked emotions have created an archive of profound sentiment.

In response, I created a structure resembling a box, with windows and fixed iron grilles. I invited the audience to contribute by adding their own padlocks, gradually forming a wall that blocks transparency. This accumulation symbolizes the merging of beliefs, emotions, and wishes into a collective tapestry.

“YES I AM SURE” explores the power of belief and the significance of wishes. It highlights the enduring impact of human emotions, even when the originators remain anonymous or distant. The wall of locks serves as a testament to the universal yearning for hope and fulfillment, inviting viewers to reflect on the resilience of the human spirit and the enigmatic nature of faith.

In summary, “YES I AM SURE” captures the essence of belief, wishes, and human connection, manifesting them in a tangible and thought-provoking installation.

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