The Identity Thumbprint project explores the evolution of personal identification through the lens of thumbprints. This concept delves into the historical context of thumbprints as a unique means of identification in societies where reading and writing were not widespread. It also examines the contemporary adaptation of thumbprints as electronic identification in our technologically advanced age. By utilizing wood as the medium, this project aims to visually depict the changing perception and application of thumbprints throughout history.

In the past, when literacy was limited, thumbprints served as a distinctive signature, allowing individuals to assert their identity without relying on the written word. These imprints symbolized a person’s uniqueness and were widely recognized as an authentic form of identification. Fast forward to the present, where technological advancements have transformed the way we establish our identity. Even in the era of high technology, educated individuals now utilize thumbprints as an electronic means of identification, reinforcing the enduring significance of this ancient practice.

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