Buridan’s ass

Size – 230cm 150cm
Watercolor on paper
Art Diaganole , Wels, Austria

In this work artist has used the metaphor of a Donkey carrying a brick wall to reflect the barriers we willingly bear as human beings in the current world. Donkey in history has been considered stupid, stubborn and lazy. In some cultures their name has been used as a bad word or abuse, Other donkeys in literature are characterized as pessimists. They are thinkers who know too much and think that nothing can be done. The cynical Benjamin from ‘Animal Farm’ knows the revolution won’t work and that nothing will ever change except those who hold power in their hands.
In this work this stubborn animal is following social, political and religious pressure. Despite their awareness of the consequences, they resist breaking free and stand still, embodying the “Buradian Ass” syndrome, educated yet hesitant to break free (Buridan’s donkey is a philosophical paradox named after Jean Buridan, a French philosopher who supported deterministic philosophy. It argues that an equally thirsty and hungry donkey that is placed in the middle of a water source and a food source will die of starvation.) Through the interplay of metaphor and symbolism this work urges introspection, prompting viewers to confront their own limitations and question the walls they hold. Through visual storytelling, I strive to inspire a transformative journey towards embracing our true selves and dismantling the walls we carry, one brick at a time.


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