Weaving Culture



“Weaving Cultures” is an artistic endeavor that was part of the esteemed Global Nomadic Art Project India in 2015. Inspired by the culturally vibrant region of Gujarat, our 20-day journey revealed the mesmerizing intricacies of threadwork and the profound delicacy of its designs. Threads, being organic materials intertwined with nature, act as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of our lives and the bonds we share with both humanity and the natural world. In this project, we aim to honor this connection by weaving a thread ball back to the tree from which it originated, symbolizing the roots of our cultural identity and the vital role that threads play in expressing our origins. Through this artistic expression, I invite viewers to reflect on the profound language of threads and their ability to tell stories of belonging and interconnectedness, bridging the divide between humans and nature.

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