Material – Bamboo, rope, color, etc.


year- 2015

Tsukuba Artist in Residence program, Tsukuba, Japan

Concept –
Gunjan Tyagi address nature art as Effort in Effortlessness, Nature that we see around and the Nature of human has a deep give and take relationship. Both have a journey walking together on a parallel line. Gunjan’s work is about the time and space between these two parallel lines.

The Wool ball and the Knitting sticks are made from bamboo.  The used materials are organized to define the object and the title “unfinished object”.

The work and the title is a satire on the lifestyle we are getting adapted to, in the name of progress and development we are move far from and mostly ignore our history, culture, tradition and reality. On one hand the viewers would get familiar to the material wool, bamboo and art of knitting, but on the other hand, the object is an image, a symbol, a comment on our observation of the reality we are living in.

The “unfinished object” could let the viewer in dilemma of nostalgia and self-realization.

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