I am Sure


Wood, Plywood, Rods, Locks, tread, Pipe




New Delhi



The inspiration for this work “ YES I AM SURE” is taken from the Dargah (mausoleum) close to my native place.
There is a grille in the Dargah (mausoleum) which is mapped with thousands of padlocks. This ongoing process has been in continuum for many years and people travel from around the country to install a padlock whilst making a wish, in the strong faith that their wish will surely come true.

This has made me question and wish to understand the belief/faith behind this. The space where the believers lock their wishes, do they when their wishes are fulfilled open and remove the locks? Are there many locks which are still hanging are still yet carrying stories, wishes fulfilled and unfulfilled? Who knows about the person who has fixed this padlock, where they might be now, are they even still living? But their wish is still alive, even fulfilled or not? This grille mapped with padlocks is an archive of emotion.

I made windows and fixed iron grilles over them that give the form of box, and I requested my audience to fix a padlock. In the process this will develop into a wall of locks and block the transparency with beliefs, emotion and wishes

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